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May 1, 2017

Loveridge Wants Answers from State on Schodack State Park Melee


Rensselaer County Legislator Bob Loveridge said he is concerned about the disruptions caused by a large party this past Saturday at a state park in Schodack, including the fact town officials were not notified in advance about the party.

 The party turned into a melee with police from Schodack, Rensselaer and Columbia counties, and State Police responding along with State Park Police. Reports said that over 800 attended the party at Schodack Island State Park.

 “State and public parks are supposed to be family-friendly, not staging areas for parties that get out of control and require a police response. This incident is a real concern, and we are very fortunate the situation did not get worse,” said Loveridge.

 “These actions placed town residents in jeopardy, and also caused an unnecessary strain on town services. It is unfortunate more steps were not taken to protect the town during the planning of this event,” added Loveridge.

Loveridge is a former police officer who retired after service as director of the Rensselaer County jail.

 “I have also been informed the town was not notified prior to the event, and that there was no prior notice to police. I do not see how or why that is possible in this day and age, and why steps were not taken to inform law enforcement in the town,” added Loveridge.

 Loveridge said he would also like the state to reimburse the town and county for costs associated for the response to the out of control party at the state park.

 “The state should give an explanation to the town and county, and devise a plan so a situation like this does not happen again in Schodack or Rensselaer County. We do not want this kind of trouble in our community,” said Loveridge.