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Press Release

 Rensselaer County Legislature

Office of the Minority 270-2890

Minority Leader Peter Grimm 265-6451     Deputy Minority Leader Edward Manny 272-7396

Cynthia Doran 271-2365     Mark Fleming 928-7054

            Gary Pavlic 368-4656    

For Immediate Release
Date:  November 3, 2017


Rensselaer County Minority Legislators Submit Local Law T 21 – Raising Age to 21 for Purchase of Tobacco Products - for November 14 Legislative Meeting


The Rensselaer County Minority Office has submitted a local law that hopes to get the message out that smoking kills! Data from the Center of Disease Control and Prevention reports that 80% of adult smokers began smoking before age 18. The data also shows that there has been a decrease in youth smoking in localities where the minimum age was raised to 21 years. “As a retired educator and committee member of the Health, Education, and Environment Committees, I believe strongly that Rensselaer County needs to step forward and unite with its neighboring counties in raising the age” said Legislator Cindy Doran.

 Adolescents are particularly vulnerable to the addictive effect of nicotine.  “The U.S. Surgeon General believes the potential long-term cognitive effects of exposure to nicotine in this age group are of great concern and because young adults are at a critical period of growth the exposure of nicotine can have lasting negative consequences on brain development” stated Legislator Gary Pavlic.

 “It has been noted that Military leaders have united and are now promoting actions to reduce the impact of tobacco use on troop readiness and soldiers’ health, including support for raising the minimum age of tobacco sales to 21” added Doran.