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Press Release


Rensselaer County Legislature

Office of the Minority 270-2890

Minority Leader Peter Grimm 265-6451     Deputy Minority Leader Edward Manny 272-7396

Cynthia Doran 271-2365     Mark Fleming 928-7054

            Gary Pavlic 368-4656     Leonard Welcome 944-1648



For Immediate Release

Date: December 2, 2016

 Rensselaer County passes 2017 Budget


Troy, NY:


The Rensselaer County Legislature unanimously passed the 2017 Budget at their annual meeting Thursday, December 1. 


After much consideration, the Minority and Majority Legislators where able to reduce the tentative budget even further below the 2% tax cap than had been proposed. “Bipartisan consideration was given to initiatives proposed by both sides of the aisle delivering even more savings to this year’s proposed budget,” said Peter Grimm, Minority Leader.  “We all would like to see some things differently and produce more savings, but the compromise is in the best interest of the taxpayer,” continued Grimm.


Ed Manny, Deputy Minority Leader stated that it was a good budget and well under the 2% cap keeping the cost to taxpayers as low as possible without sacrificing services.


Grimm and the Minority Legislators would like to see a more aggressive focus on economic development in the future, which will increase revenues and offer tax relief to the residents of Rensselaer County.